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Hi! Sam,

Currently I just sucessful registered Joint TPC (QS). But I found out that I may be unable to fulfill their requirement for 3 areas of 1st year profesional experience because I only have one year experience in construction field in pre- contract and post contract only.

Is that a must to start the 1st year profesional experiance once registered Joint TPC?  Is it possible for me to defer starting the 1st year profesional experience till I have enough time to diversify my experience ?

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.



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Sr Samuel Chong
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I am not in RISM / BQSM's Joint TPC committee, hence not authorized to anwer your question.
Please contact RISM / BQSM directly to get answers to your query.
I think you can contact them via the links below :
For RISM click here

For BQSM :
Email: info[at]
Telephone No: 603 2610 7999 (CPD) / 603 2610 8140 (Firm) / 603 2610 7803/8142 (MP) / 603 2610 7809 (MF) / 603 2610 8147 (IT)
Fax No: 603 2692 5680

From my own personal experience, they do exercise flexibilities but whatever the case, you have to obtain their approvals and inform them.

Best wishes.

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