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Sr Samuel Chong
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I got the following "Contact Me" form from Mr Jamil.

01 - Name = jamil

02 - Email Address = micet4205

03 - Phone Number (optional) =

04 - Your Message = hallo, im seeking a firm tht conduct the development plan for mill construction..which co ull recommended?

Unfortunately the email address is incomplete and I cant reply direct to Mr Jamil.  I'd recommend Mr Jamil join my Ask Sam site and communicate with me more privately by email.

Generally, I'd like to find out some details like the proposed location of your mill (where ?  West Malaysia? Northern / Southern? or East Malaysia - Sabah? , the type of mill (for what material?), etc before any recommendations / comments can be given.  Looking forward to hear from you and to your joining our website.  Thank you.

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