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Sr Samuel Chong
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I was at the PAM's "Briefing & Dialogue on Developer's License & New Standard of S&P Agreement for Housing Development in Sabah", held 5 Dec 2012 Wednesday.

During the Dialogue, there were hints from developers about how MLGH's regulations and controls increase costs of housing development, that they should be given more liberty since cases of abandoned projects in Sabah has been unheard of for a long time, that it is only in West Malaysia that cases of abandoned housing projects are still happening.


Housing development regulations are slightly different between West Malaysia and Sabah. In my opinion, it is very probable that these very slight differences are the very reasons why cases of abandoned housing projects have been unheard of for a very long time in Sabah. In fact, since these regulations came into effect in Sabah. To say that since we have no cases of abandoned housing projects and therefore MLGH should relax some of these housing development rules is like saying “since the Police has been doing a good job and now that there are no crimes, therefore we dont need so many policemen patrolling the streets anymore“!


There were also calls for MLGH to revise some of the licensing requirements in line with current development practice eg. It was suggested that 'Build-and-Sell' developments should not be subjected to the same strict controls as conventional 'sell-during-construction' developments.

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