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David Yong
Posts: 8

Hi, just want to ask what happen if we cannot fulfill the 3 areas of 1st year professional experience required by TPC and the work diary, log book and report already submitted to TPC? Do we have to start all over again the whole  new 1 year or just top up the relevant experience?

Thank you and looking forward to your answer.

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Sr Samuel Chong
Posts: 103

I don't really know what happens - I am NOT a member of the TPC Panel or BQSM.  It's better you ask RISM / BQSM.

In my opinion, try to avoid problems and try to fulfill their requirements.  They want you to diversify your work.  So dont spend your time doing same things all the time ie dont put all your eggs in one basket ...

* Try to do work in various categories - explain to your boss this is essential to your professional qualification.

* Work overtime or do sidejobs to do those diversified work categories if you have to, so that you you can fulfill their requirements.  If you actually do the o/t or sidejobs in order to fulfill the requirements, replace some of the normal 8-office-working-hours with these OT / sidejobs hours which help you to fulfill the requirements.  

I actually paid particular attention to diversifying my works, looking for every opportunity to do different things so that I can put it down in my logbook / diary.  One hour spent doing something in the rare category of work is one hour less doing BQ (if that is what you do most of the time) and that reduces the imbalance in your experiences / log book categories.

Oh, if you fiddle or make up some of these hours / experiences, they may catch you during the TPC interview.  That's what part of the interview is for, to see if your 'experiences' are genuine and if you actually know your work.

I actually found these requirements and the assignments harder than the actual written exams.  Best wishes to you.

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David Yong
Posts: 8

Just gave them a call. I was told that we need to do the whole thing again for a year, meaning the previous 1 year experience doesnt count anymore. I was really shocked and dissapointed. Technically, I have wasted one year of mine. 

It didnt mention in the guideline regarding repeating the whole year too. RISM asked to switch to other employer temporary just to gain that experience which I think is very difficult to do that. They also asked to write letter for exemption. I dont want to be exempted from doing the other area but just need more time to diversify my experience.

I wouldnt complain if they wrote it in the guideline about the consequences. I just couldnt believe I have to re write again. 1 year is a very very long period and every minutes is very precious to me.

Sam, thank you for your advise. It is very helpful.

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