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Sr Samuel Chong
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Planning to do a QS related course / degree ? Is it recognised ?


Many consulting QS companies complain of poor standard of graduates from Q.S. related courses.  In 4March 2009, ISM (now RISM) held a QS Principals Dialogue in KL and one of their discussion topics in the Dialogue was "Quality of QS Graduates".  Apparently, this may be true for both local and foreign graduates.

What could have gone wrong or contributed to the dropping standard of QS graduates ? 

Among the contributory reasons are the lowering of standard by the tertiary institutions due to survival and business reasons and also political reasons. These underlying reasons are true for all courses / professions ... architecture, engineering, medicine, law, etc. The institutions not only lower the pre-requisites to enter the courses but also lower the standard of the course / subjects / exams / etc in order to attract more students. This is happening not only in Malaysia but even in UK , US and elsewhere.

However, we have strict professional boards like Board of Architects, Board of Engineers, Board of QS in Malaysia which monitor the course / education quality of each institution that apply for recognition. Only those listed in their Accredited programmes will be recognised in Malaysia.  Don't be fooled into thinking that any degree from UK / US / Malaysia / etc will be automatically recognised and can be used in Malaysia !

If you are thinking of doing a course in Quantity Surveying, please check with the Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM) to ensure that the programme / course is recognised. The Board of QS Malaysia (BQSM) regularly reviews and updates their list. Don't waste your time doing a course not recognised by the Board of QS.


You can check BQSM's website for the latest list from

http: //


As at time of writing this article, their latest list of recognised QS qualifications can be downloaded from :


http: //

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