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azwan ariff
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You are an owner of a consulting engineering company and at the same time an owner of a contracting company which implement projects designed by the consultant. Discuss the major areas of conflict of interest when awarding your design packages.

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Sr Samuel Chong
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Apologies for late reply.  Been busy / distracted lately.

Major areas of conflict of interests :

* The Engineer may be specifying method / materials which he has advantage in as consultant / contractor but which may not necessarily be in best interest of client.

* Grossly unfair to other tenderers because the consultant / contractor combination has inside knowledge of budget / estimate. Again it's most likely to result in something not in best interest of client.

* The consultant Engineer may specifiy something expensive but use his contractor company to tender cheaply because he knows he can later on propose cheaper alternatives which he can approve easily since he is also the consultant engineer ...


That should be enough to convince any client that he should either fire the consultant or disallow the proposed tenderer / contractor which belongs to the consultant engineer.

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