Maximum Security ! Maximum Security ! The new maximum security facility ... Who / What prisoners do they keep in here ... ? 187536716 Max Security ... How barbaric or dangerous are these prisoners ? 187536717 Max Security ... Depends on how you look at it ... this new 'prison facility' is actually the new 'Bornean Sun Bear Centre' [ BSBCC ] in Sepilok. In light of recent newspapers reports on animal poaching and how some animal parts end up in medicine shops, I'd say the 'facility' can be considered as a facility "to keep the dangerous two-legged animals out" from the Sun Bears. 187536718 Sabah's Most Wanted .... Sabah's Sun Bear or honey bear ... most wanted in medicine shops ... the face of the inmates for the new facility ... 187537596 BSBCC's Visitor's Centre The newly renovated Bornean Sun Bear Centre's [ BSBCC ] Visitor's Centre in Sepilok, next to the Sepilok Orang Utan Centre in Sandakan. The BSBCC should be open to the public sometime in Jan 2014. 187536719 BSBCC's Visitor's Centre 187536720 BSBCC's Jungle Trail What can you expect when visiting the BSBCC in Sepilok ? A walk in the park ... 187536721 BSBCC's Jungle Trail ... to see Sabah's Sun Bears roaming wildly in the park .... don't worry about being attacked by the Sun Bears because ... 187536722 BSBCC's Jungle Trail ... the bears will be below, and you will be walking above on these viewing platforms ... 187536723 BSBCC's Jungle Trail 187536724 BSBCC's Jungle Trail ... do check out our Sabah's very own Sun Bears in Sepilok, next to the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre 187536725